Keep Calm and Play Catch Phrase

Yesterday, I was rather upset because my life sucks. I mean, my life doesn’t actually suck. I just was feeling like it did. Which was what upset me. See how that works? Woo. Anyway, I was upset, but, then, after an evening with a couple of my lovely friends I felt drastically better because they act like they like me or something. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about what I did last night!

First of all, my friend Alexa and I went to the duck pond in our town. I remembered two things when I arrived there: 1) Ducks are adorable 2) I am afraid of flying animals. The first is rather obvious, the second is fairly inconvenient. Also, there was a very noisy goose (possible a gander, I don’t really know) who we decided was very grumpy and the leader of all the other ducks. Also, he was friends with one duck who appeared to have been injured and took care of him. One duck was all black, and sat on a rock by himself. We decided that he was the cool kid/loner of the ducks. I named him Benny, short for Benedict. At one point about three ducks started attacking another smaller duck, and, being animal lovers, we wanted to help the little duck. The little duck ran into the bushes with the other three in hot pursuit; we followed behind them, hoping to save the little duck that we had now named Sammy. We kept yelling things like “bad duck!” and “run away, little duck”. Finally we pulled back some bushes to find one of the big ducks sitting on top of the little duck… At that point we realized that we weren’t really saving the bird from attack, we were actually disturbing some, um, mating. And, of course, at this point, everyone in the park was looking at us. Children began asking questions, parents stared angrily at us… Needless to say, we thought it would be a good time to leave.

We decided to head across the street to the movie theater and see The Cabin in the Woods, a movie Rotten Tomatoes describes as “an astonishing meta-feat, capable of being funny, strange, and scary — frequently all at the same time”. Rotten Tomatoes, you are correct. Last night I had a dream about this movie. I can’t actually remember any events, but I wasn’t a nightmare. I was just very confused with what was happening. And the world inside my dream didn’t make sense, which seems strange, at least for me. Generally, not matter how crazy the stuff in my dream is, I still think “Yeah, of course this is happening; makes total sense.” Yeah, that didn’t happen. I felt like the world didn’t make sense because it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. I don’t know why I’m spending this much time talking about a dream that I don’t even remember.

Finally, after that strange, strange movie, Alexa and I, along with Dean who had now joined us, went to Walmart (it’s the only thing that stays open past 11 or so, it seems) and sat on the patio furniture playing Catch Phrase. No one  said anything to us about why we were there, so we didn’t feel the need to lie to anyone, though we did practice our story of “We are shopping for patio furniture, and, since we will primarily be playing Catch Phrase on it, we need to test it out.”

So that was my Sunday night! My frown was most definitely turned upside down. At some point in time I may blog about why my frown was inverted to begin with, but probably not because I just don’t know you that well yet. But if you REALLY want me to…

Probably still won’t.

On a side note, when I looked for a picture to accompany this, I typed in ‘seductive duck’. Just in case you wondered. I mean, I couldn’t figure out how to make the picture post, but I felt like you should know.


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